Children learn in different ways and introducing them to a different types of topics and resource material can be a great way to spark their interest. Teaching children business skills involves math, language and other important tasks. One of the best ways to improve classroom learning is with a business training manual for kids. A classroom program helps children learn to start and run their own businesses. They get to take part in activities that are fun yet are part of the learning experience.

Real Life Experience

Young students will get real life business experience with the business training manual for kids. Teachers are able to guide students in starting and operating their own companies from start to finish. They will learn to write business plans, conduct market research and develop products. Then they will create marketing materials and determine product pricing.

Once they choose a product they are able to actually make and sell it. They will learn many different skills throughout the process. Along the way they will participate in corresponding curriculum that will engage them in a variety of different subjects. The program is divided into six learning modules. Each module is filled with activities and games that will assist in the learning of concepts introduced in that section.

The business training manual for kids helps children develop critical thinking skills and will encourage them to understand how businesses work. It not only teaches them important skills that they will take with them throughout their lives, but also helps them work with others. Small groups each operate their own separate businesses with their own product.

Interactive Learning

Kids are able to better understand the concepts they are taught when they are able to utilize interactive learning. They have hands-on learning that gives them the ability to see immediate results of their decisions. This type of interactive learning doesn’t involve video games. Instead, it allows kids to actually use their critical thinking skills as they develop and run their own companies. The business training manual for kids guides them through the process.

Children are then able to donate some of their profits to help others in the community so they understand the impact of giving. Throughout the process students are assessed so that the program can be seamlessly incorporated into the curriculum. Teacher, parents, students and outside companies are able to come together to assist children in the learning process. This involvement makes the exercise much more meaningful.  

Teachers can easily utilize the program because it is already divided into learning modules. Educators simply guide students through the age-appropriate exercises and games that will help them as they learn the skills they need to actually start their own businesses. The lessons learned make it easy for kids to apply the skills to other areas of their lives. They see how math, science, language and other subjects are utilized in the world outside the classroom.

PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs is available in a package that includes the teacher manual and student workbooks as well as access to online content and parent information. Contact us today to place an order.