Children learn at different rates and different methods work better for some than for others. Strict book learning is an option that can fall short of the mark for some students. When you want to teach children lessons that will be memorable you want to incorporate youth lifeskills training resources into your lesson plans.

Teaching Kids Life Lessons

It is one thing to read about how math problems work and another to actually incorporate math skills into a learning experience. A youth business training program helps students learn math, language and other subjects as they develop and operate their own businesses. Teams of students work together to create new companies, design products and marketing materials actually sell the products they make.

Our youth lifeskills training resources are designed to provide teachers with all the materials and plans they need to teach students about business. The program is divided into various modules so that kids can utilize class time to work on their business projects.

Students learn important skills that they will take with them throughout their lives. For example, they will learn how to work with others and will develop their creative thinking skills. They will discover how to communicate with others and how a team can work together to be more effective than an individual.

PowerPlay for Success

Our programs are designed to provide hours of interactive learning for young students. Lessons include activities and games that are age-appropriate. They coordinate with the lessons of each module so that kids get a hands-on approach to learning the basic concepts of the module.

Students begin by creating their own company and plan. Then, they conduct product research to determine the product that they want to manufacture. Students create, control, develop and design their company and products based on the lessons in each module.  Then, they produce marketing materials and sell their items. They are encouraged to donate a portion of their profits to a charitable organization.

Kids who participate in the program are better prepared to handle the issues that come up in real life situations. They understand how math, communication, teamwork, problem solving and other skills are useful in the workplace. They also develop a host of skills that they will take with them throughout their educational careers and beyond.

Youth lifeskills training resources are specifically designed for classroom use. Teachers are provided with everything they need to guide students through each module. Parents are also able to get involved. They will receive a parent guide that will give them the tools they need to help their young students as they work through the assignments.

Our youth lifeskills training resources are an incredible way to help children learn how to incorporate textbook subjects with real life situations that prepare them for the future. Teachers, students, parents and even local companies come together to help students learn these important lessons. Our programs are created for classroom use for students in grades 4 through 8. Contact us today to learn more and to place an order.