Children today need a head start to help them as they enter the business world. Regular classroom studies and textbook subjects may fail to help kids make the connection between the subjects they learn and how they are applied in the real world. Youth entrepreneur programs in Canada are an ideal way to help students learn essential life skills that they can take with them throughout their lives.

Youth Entrepreneur Programs in Canada

Youth entrepreneur programs in Canada are designed to give students exposure to business skills through hands-on training. Students learn about business by starting and running their own companies. There are 6 modules that are used to educate kids about the various parts of business. They learn to create a business plan, develop a product, conduct meetings, work with teams and market their products.

Teachers have detailed lesson plans that they can use to guide students through the modules. Instructors also have access to videos that will assist them in teaching the concepts in the various modules. Students use workbooks and take part in class activities and games that are specifically designed to reinforce the lessons in each module.

Students learn while they participate in a fun and exciting program that correlates to the subjects they have learned in school. In addition to math, science  and language, kids are also taught many important life lessons.

For example, students learn how to problem-solve, how to use critical thinking and how to work productively in teams. These skills are invaluable as they go forward in life. Parents can also be involved. Parents will receive a packet of information that enables them to assist their student with homework assignments related to the program.

Helping Students Learn Life Skills

The goal of youth entrepreneur programs in Canada is to give children the tools they need to enter the workforce. For many children, this is their first exposure to business. They will learn the foundation that they can build on as they move ahead in their education.  

Teachers, parents and local companies can all participate in the process. Our youth are our most important resources they need to be ready to take part in the business world. Programs such as PowerPlay for Success are turn-key inclusive programs that have been developed specifically with this goal in mind.

The program includes 6 modules that help kids move through the various phases of creating, developing and running their own businesses. They are also able to assess how well they achieved their goals. This gives them perspective on the project and allows them to think critically about their performance.

One of the most important things about PowerPlay programs is that they are made for every skill level. Kids of every level can take part and enjoy success, regardless of their capabilities. The final part of the program is a showcase where students display and sell their products. The program is an excellent addition to classroom curriculum or can be used as an after school program. Contact us today to learn more about our excellent program.