PowerPlay for Families

Imagine if your child had a roadmap for success...


With PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs, parents play an integral role in the exploration of entrepreneurship, money management and social responsibility. While teachers facilitate the program, parents enhance the learning experience for their children through meaningful homework assignments. If your child is currently participating in PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs through school, we encourage you to enroll for free in our online course: A Parent's Guide to PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs - School Edition


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We know that as the parent of a child starting out with the program, you may be wondering about a few things. Questions about PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs generally fall under inquiries about the place of money and business in the lives of young people or specific questions about the business planning process.  

1.     Why is it important for my child to experience earning money at such a young age? Surely there is time enough for that when they’re older.

Children have a natural desire to challenge themselves, test their abilities and make their mark doing things they consider real and relevant to their lives. Research and trends in educational practice have shown that an early introduction to money management makes children more confident, goal-oriented and aware of their spending habits.  

2.     Why is teaching entrepreneurship important?

“Entrepreneurship” is not only a particular way of earning money, but a dynamic approach to going after one’s goals in life. By taking the initiative and pursuing what they want, entrepreneurial individuals develop key skills like communication, critical and creative thinking, organization and teamwork that are highly desirable in our 21st century job market. Whether they eventually work for themselves or for other people, an entrepreneurial mindset is key to success in today's global economy.