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PowerPlay understands the demands on today's educators and is committed to providing practical tools with proven results. Our turnkey resource package has strong curriculum connections, integrates seamlessly into different subjects and makes core subjects like Mathematics, English Language Arts and Social Studies more meaningful and relevant for students.

PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs makes it easy for you to differentiate instruction. All learners, regardless of academic abilities, have the opportunity to be successful. They are challenged to build on their individual skills, talents and abilities, and to showcase their achievements in ways that are unique to them as individuals.


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Introducing learning fundamentals through games and real-life activities can be a novel concept. This is a short list of some of our most frequently asked questions. 

1.     I have a complex classroom. Is project-based learning appropriate for my type of students?

When academic learning is presented in the context of a complex real-world project that requires a variety of tasks to complete, we find that it enables all students to participate and achieve success alongside their peers. Students that are below grade level academically are able to work at their own level. Students showcase their own talents and abilities but are also able to stretch themselves in ways that are unique to them.

2.     How do you come up with a project idea?

A key to the PowerPlay Learning Model is coming up with a theme that captures the imagination of students. PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs is highly engaging and makes it easy for you to get started. Students are challenged to explore new concepts and create their own solutions to real world issues.

3.     Why is real-world learning important?

Presenting new skills and concepts in the framework of a meaningful real-life activity (instead of a lecture or worksheet) immediately engages students as they see the relevance of what they are doing. Mastering practical skills that help them function effectively in society boosts their self-confidence.

4.     Why do games help in the classroom?

With PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs, we introduce new concepts through an interactive discussion and follow this up with a related game or activity. Once students have learned the relevant skills through the game-based format they are able to apply and adapt the concepts to their real world projects. This gives educators the opportunity to assess learning at various stages and helps students master the new skills. Presenting learning through games enables students to have fun and takes the pressure off individuals who may be less confident.