The PowerPlay Learning Model empowers young people to take charge of their learning as they strive to achieve their own goals.

Our Approach

Our four-step process empowers learners to take charge and put their best efforts into a project that is relevant to their lives. Young people lead this process and adults stand by to observe, reassure and provide assistance when needed. 

 Real-life challenges


Exciting real-world challenges spark curiosity, capture imaginations and inspire learners to flex their creative muscles. 

 Dynamic action plans


Young people set goals, identify tools they will need and lay out a step-by-step action path to reach their targets.

 Real-world activities


Youth take risks, experiment, express themselves and stretch their capacities as they implement their plans. 

 Reflecting on their learning


Learners consider their experience, celebrate accomplishments and develop success strategies for school and other areas of life. 

 With PowerPlay, students self-direct their learning and have fun setting and achieving their own goals.

Components of Engagement

Our multi-faceted project and real-world theme add rigour to the classroom. We engage students in learning by:

  • Appealing to their interests.
  • Communicating at their level of understanding.
  • Using fun and interactive techniques.
  • Empowering them to be decision makers.
  • Encouraging them to make mistakes and treat "failures" as learning opportunities.
  • Challenging them to create their own solutions.


21st Century Skill Development

PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs helps young people develop practical life skills and an entrepreneurial mindset that is critical in the 21st Century. Related competencies include:

  • Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Communications
  •  Collaboration and Teamwork
  •  Creativity and Innovation
  •  Organization and Planning

Perhaps most significantly, students discover their own ability to be successful and internalize positive beliefs that will support them in all areas of life. 

 PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs helps young people develop 21st Century Skills.

PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs helps young people develop 21st Century Skills.