As educators and parents, we want our teenage students to be as prepared as possible to enter the workforce. Sometimes, textbooks and traditional classes don’t provide kids with the hands-on training they need in order to be successful. A teen entrepreneur’s course is helpful in teaching kids the life skills that they need to develop as they mature and start making their way in the world. A training program can be part of the regular school day or it may be utilized as an after school course.

Learning Important Life Skills

Our teen entrepreneur’s course provides students with teacher-guided training to start and run their own businesses. Students generally work in groups and develop their company from concept to distribution. They create a company from scratch, make a business plan, and develop a product and marketing materials. Then, they sell their products and donate part of the profits to charity.

Teens are able to learn important life skills that wouldn’t normally be part of their educational classes. Throughout the 6 modules they learn to work with others, think creatively, problem-solve and communicate. The skills they learn can become the building blocks they need to become successful and productive members of society.

Of course, teens are having so much fun that they may not even realize that they are actually learning from the activities involved in creating and running their businesses. The program is interesting and gives kids a break from regular textbook learning. Teachers use materials that have lesson plans that are already developed. There are also activities and games that the teacher can facilitate to help kids learn the concepts presented in each lesson.

Resources for Teachers and Parents

The teen entrepreneur’s course engages students and encourages help from educators and parents. Teachers have access to online videos that will provide assistance for each of the modules. Students utilize their workbooks and online resources to complete their assignments. Parents can also play a role in the process. Parent materials are available that will help them work with students in completing their homework tasks.

The program is offered a complete turn-key so that educators can utilize the materials in lessons in the classroom. The modules take students through the many processes that are necessary to start and run a successful business. They actually learn the concepts that they will use when they join the workforce. The program gives kids a head start by offering them the opportunity to develop their own skills that they can build on over time.

At the end of the program students can take part in displaying and selling their products. They will learn the importance of giving back to their community. Students can then evaluate their success so they can see where improvements could be made. The entire process is fun and interesting and engages teens in a way that textbooks simply can’t.  The teen entrepreneur’s course is a great option for kids and teens as part of their classroom lessons or as an after school program.