As teens approach adulthood they will soon be taking on more responsibilities, getting jobs and living on their own. Sometimes traditional learning methods don’t give kids the training they need to face the real world. A teen business building workshop provides kids with the first-hand knowledge and experience they need as they mature and become productive citizens.

Teens Learn From Real Experiences

The teen business building workshop teaches kids about business while allowing them to get hands-on experience. Children are guided through a variety of modules to teach them how to start and operate their own businesses. Teens learn important skills that they will take with them throughout their education and beyond.

Teachers use lesson plans to guide students through the process. Each module helps them progress as they create their own business. They write business plans, conduct market research and choose a product that they will make and sell.

Each step of the way they are learning by participation. They are able to utilize team building, communication, critical thinking and problem-solving, among others. These lessons are much more effective because students are taught through real life experiences. They learn how to work with others and how to work through problems to find creative solutions.

Life Lessons

For many of these children, this is their first experience working with any type of business. The teen business building workshop gives them the skills and confidence that they can take with them as they deal with all types of situations in their lives.

The skills they learn will not only be of benefit as they continue their education but they are also useful in their interpersonal relationships as well as in their future careers. These basic lessons can be built upon as they mature and grow.

Lessons are divided into modules so students can progress through the various stages of building their businesses. They will work with others to make decisions that will impact their companies. Market research is necessary in order to choose a product that they feel will provide them with a good profit. Then, they will create marketing materials and sell products. The profits may be donated to a charity to teach kids the importance of giving back.

There is no better way to learn than by actually doing. The lessons are designed to give kids skills that they can use as they build this business but also as they move forward in life. Book learning can only go so far in teaching kids important subjects. Applying those subjects can be more difficult. It is much easier with a program that guides them through a successful business startup.

Kids will learn as they create their business, so it doesn’t seem like typically classroom study. Instead, kids work together to use their critical thinking skills to complete tasks that will impact the success of their new business. Our programs are designed to provide interactive study with students, teachers and parents. Contact us today to learn more and to order our teen business building workshop.