Our Story

We work directly with schools, educators and families. We also partner with sponsor organizations to implement community-focused initiatives that have impact.

Bill Roche is committed to helping young people prepare for an ever-changing global economy.

Bill Roche founded PowerPlay Strategies in 1999 because he felt it was critical to start teaching entrepreneurship from an early age. Regardless of their future career path, youth need to be innovative, adaptable and self-reliant.

The PowerPlay Learning Model cultivates entrepreneurial spirit, money smarts and social responsibility. Young people explore their passions, talents and interests as they develop the tools needed to confidently navigate our rapidly changing world.

Bill’s educational resources have sold more than 40,000 copies and his programs have reached over 250,000 elementary and high school students across North America.

A strong advocate for entrepreneurship education, Bill presents his teaching and coaching strategies at a variety of educator conferences, where he captivates and inspires audiences with real-life success stories and case studies.