PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs

Home Edition
Ages 9 - 12

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The PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs - Home Edition empowers young people to start their own real businesses. This online resource is based on our highly successful school program and makes it easy to take action at home with the support of a PowerPlay Coach (parent or other committed adult). It is ideal both for first timers and existing young entrepreneurs, including graduates of our school program, that want to move to the next level. Our online learning platform helps young people set and achieve their own business goals. Practical tools for PowerPlay Coaches are also included.

Note: If your child is currently participating in PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs through school, then we encourage you to enroll for free in our online course: A Parent's Guide to PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs - School Edition

Students will:

  • Prepare business plans, conduct market research, develop products, set pricing, and design marketing materials.
  • Develop problem-solving and planning skills.
  • Utilize and hone creative, communicative and abstract thinking abilities. 
  • Find ways to reach customers and earn money.
  • Donate a portion of their profits to charity and experience the impact of giving. 
  • Evaluate their efforts and identify success strategies for the future. 

Online program includes:

  • Tutorials for guiding young people through key business planning steps.
  • Dynamic interviews.
  • Clearly defined action steps.
  • Success stories about other young entrepreneurs.
  • Support tools for parent involvement. 
Young teen showcases her business and product at a community craft fair 

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PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs Home Edition

$295.00 CAD. 

Includes access to online program and resources.