PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs
- Home Edition -

PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs empowers young people (ages 9-12) to start their own real businesses. This home edition is based on our highly successful school program and makes it easy to take action at home. It is ideal for first timers and for existing young entrepreneurs, including graduates of our school program, that want to move to the next level. Either way, our online learning platform helps young people set and achieve their own business goals. Practical tools for parents and other PowerPlay Coaches are also included.



Program Features

This program consists of a variety of learning modules that include:

  • PowerPlay tutorials for introducing important business concepts and guiding young entrepreneurs through the business planning steps.
  • Dynamic interviews with other young entrepreneurs offering tips, suggestions and inspiration for creating a business venture.
  • Clearly defined action steps for leading youth to success.
  • Success stories about other enterprising young people.
  • Opportunities for meaningful parental involvement that are supported with online support tools. 


Engaging Activities

Students will:

  •  Prepare business plans, develop products and design marketing materials.
  • Develop problem-solving and planning skills.
  • Utilize and hone creative, communicative and abstract thinking abilities. 
  • Reach customers and earn money.
  • Donate a portion of their profits to charity and experience the impact of giving. 
  • Evaluate their efforts and identify success strategies for the future. 
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How to Order

PowerPlay Strategies makes it easy to get started. Please contact us to place an order or to discuss any questions you may have. 

You can also call us directly at 1.888.880.0816.