Lead Youth to Success

PowerPlay uses real-world learning experiences to empower young people with an entrepreneurial mindset, practical money management skills and a drive to make a difference.


Who We Serve


Capture the imaginations of your students with our experiential learning programs. Our turnkey resources have strong curriculum connections, are seamlessly integrated into different subjects and make it easy to differentiate instruction for diverse groups of learners.


Provide your child with practical tools to explore their full potential. Our dynamic video-based educational resources feature step-by-step instructions and inspiring interviews that make it easy to carry out activities at home with your guidance and support. 

Highly Engaging Techniques  

Our highly engaging techniques help teachers and parents address financial literacy and social responsibility in a simple and easy-to-understand format. All learners, regardless of academic abilities, have the opportunity to be successful. They are challenged to build on their individual skills, talents and abilities, and to showcase their achievements in ways that are unique to them as individuals.


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The Impact We Make

In our 2015/2016 Adult Survey, all respondents reported that our learning model is highly engaging for young people. The percentage of parents and teachers who strongly agree that our programs support the development in key growth areas is identified below.



Critical Thinking




Creative Thinking



What People Say

You have to believe in yourself and believe that you can make it. That is how you succeed… when you believe you succeed.
— Student

Strategic Partners 

Community-focused companies and individuals can provide valuable educational experiences for youth by supporting one of our programs in schools. You can choose to support a single classroom or we can customize a package that will help you achieve your goals and fit your budget.


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