Teaching important life lessons can be a difficult process, especially when you have only traditional textbooks. Educators and others can help students learn the skills they need with entrepreneurial youth class resources. Lessons are designed to provide teachers with the tools they need to guide young students through the process of creating and operating their own businesses.

Life Skills Training

Kids need to learn life skills that will take them through their educational years and beyond. Entrepreneurial youth class resources are designed to teach children these skills through a series of six exciting modules. The modules each include activities and age-appropriate games that will supplement the materials in the lesson.

Kids will create their own businesses, write business plans, develop and make products and market them. Along the way they will be learning skills that can’t easily be taught through textbooks. Some of these skills include creative thinking, problem solving, communication, teambuilding and more.

As kids work through the lessons they will not feel as if they are learning but instead will be creating a business. Teachers and parents have guides so they can assist students as they complete tasks as part of each module.

Creating a Business

Entrepreneurial youth class resources are designed to help kids learn in a way that will be most impactful. They learn the skills they need to actually create a new and operate a successful business. Along the way they will make important decisions that will impact the outcome of their company.

Teachers will guide students through each module with helpful lesson plans. Teachers have access to online tutorials that will support them in the implementation of the program. Students also may view videos that will help give them inspiration for the tasks they are learning.

Entrepreneurial youth class resources are divided into six modules. Students each have a workbook and parents are provided with information packages and homework tips. As part of the program, students work in groups as they create their businesses. Once they have a working business, they can showcase it as they interact with actual customers and make money.

Students donate a portion of their profits to charitable organizations to help them learn the impact of giving to others. Kids evaluate their businesses and their work so they can see where changes could have been made. This type of on-hands training is unlike textbook learning and gives kids more confidence as they progress in their lives.

Children take pride in a job well done and will be happy to show their parents and others the details of their businesses. Kids learn the building blocks of success as they move through the modules and run their own companies. At the same time, they learn to connect their traditional subjects such as math and language to real-life situations.

Teachers, children and parents will find that the program is invaluable for providing kids with the tools they need for their lives. Contact us today to learn more about our youth entrepreneurial training products.