Caring In Action (CIA)

School Edition
Grades K - 8

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Caring In Action (CIA) is an interactive program that brings social responsibility and language arts alive in the classroom. Students discover their power to create positive change by designing and implementing their own solutions to real social issues.

Working towards their goals in a supportive environment, young people develop creative and critical thinking, problem-solving and organizational abilities. They also utilize and hone their communication skills.

While the CIA resource package focuses on grades 4-8, a dedicated primary section also enables younger classes to fully participate in the program.

Students will:

  • Plan and execute socially conscious, real-world projects.
  • Further develop their understanding of personal and social responsibility.
  • Strengthen reading, writing and oral language skills.
  • Recognize the importance of initiative, innovation, planning and problem solving. 
  • Work individually and in teams.
  • Celebrate and learn from their achievements.

You will receive:

  • A comprehensive Teacher Manual.
  • Easy-to-use activity sheets, homework assignments, support tools and parent information.
  • Dynamic teaching aids to support the development of a variety of key skills.

Program features include:

  • Strong curriculum connections to English Language Arts and other core subjects.
  • Practical assessment tools.
  • Proven strategies for personalizing instruction for diverse groups of students.
  • Suggestions for meaningful parental and community involvement.
 Elementary student discovers his ability to make a difference by supporting a local charity
 Elementary students build social-emotional skills by collaborating together to make a difference

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 The Caring in Action teacher manual makes it easy to incorporate project-based learning into the classroom.  
Caring In Action (CIA)

The CIA Teacher Manual includes lesson plans, activity sheets and assessment tools.

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