Education is all about helping kids learn to succeed in school and beyond. One of the best ways that children learn is through fun activities that provide a way to connect learning and real life. Canadian business education for kids is a great option to teach children how to start and run a business. A program is available that combines teaching with life experience to assist kids in learning about business.

PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs

The PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs program is designed to teach Canadian business education for kids in the classroom. It utilizes a variety of methods into structured learning modules that are easy to use and teach. The program helps kids learn the concepts of business as they create business plans, take part in market research and product development and then market and sell their products.

Children learn a variety of skills that are useful in the business world and in life. They learn how to work with others, how to use creative thinking skills to solve problems and how to properly plan and organize. Teams of kids build their own companies, set goals and then put their plans into action.

Teachers and parents can play a supportive role in Canadian business education for kids. Teachers will provide the tools kids need as they are guided through the modules of the business training workbook. Along the way they will be able to participate in games and activities that help them learn the concepts necessary to run a successful business. Math, language and other subjects are incorporated into the training.

Learning is Fun

Most of all Canadian business education for kids is fun. Children enjoy taking part in their own company and may not even realize that they are actually learning important life skills in the process. The modules are designed to allow kids to participate in building their company as part of their regular classroom studies.

Kids, educators and parents love the program because it teaches skills that cannot be easily taught any other way. By taking part in a group company children learn the importance of teamwork and how they can turn their ideas into actual products that they can sell. In some cases, local businesses are also able to take part in the process.

Students are able to sell their products and are encouraged to donate some of their profits to charitable organizations so they also learn the importance of giving back. The program is well-designed and includes everything necessary to guide children in the classroom and out. Parents will receive a guide that offers information on how they can help continue to foster these concepts at home.

Some of the concepts of business are difficult to learn any other way. With this program, children can grasp these ideas in a way that they can better understand. As they participate in the program they will see how their hard work pays off as they sell products from their company. Contact us today to learn more about our excellent programs.