Children love to participate in programs that allow them to have fun, learn, and spend time with their friends. One of the best options for a cconstructive learning experience is an afterschool training class. Our business training classes are programs that teaches students essential entrepreneurial skills while helping them start and run their own businesses. The program includes modules that will give students the ability to not just learn about business but also develop a business of their own.

Afterschool Business Training Class

The training program is easy for educators to administer. The teacher’s manual is complete with all of the lesson plans necessary to guide students through the six training modules. Each module focuses on another aspect of their business. Students will learn how to create a business plan, plan and strategize with meetings, work with others to develop products and create marketing plans. Then, they will sell their products and donate a portion of the profits to charity.

Students learn real-life skills that they will take with them throughout the rest of their education and into their careers. They learn to think creatively, work with others, understand profit margins, learn to problem-solve and much more. These skills are useful tools that will enable them to be successful in life.

Teachers are provided with a turn-key training solution that includes activities, games and lesson plans in a series of 6 modules. Teachers have access to helpful online videos that will assist them in teaching students the lessons for each module.

Students Love Business Training

Students enjoy our afterschool business training class. They don’t realize that they are learning because they are busy having fun and creating their own businesses. Students have their own workbooks and are able to view videos that will enhance the concepts of each module. Parents can also become involved. Parent materials are provided so they can assist their children with assignments.

The training program is ideal for use as an afterschool business training class or as a summer course. Students can work in groups to start and run their businesses. They make important business decisions along the way and will see the results of their decisions. Students can participate in displaying and selling their products.

Life skills can’t be easily taught by reading a textbook. Instead, concepts can be demonstrated by actually taking part in activities that bolster the ideas. Business training encompasses a wide range of subjects such as math, science and language, all within the structure of building a business. Students can build upon these useful lessons as they transition into their jobs. Kids are able to develop skills that they never thought about and weren’t part of a typical classroom format. The program can be used in the classroom as an adjunct to traditional subjects.

PowerPlay for Success offers a business training program designed for kids in grades 4 through 8. Our exclusive materials allow educators to lead students through the program as they learn important concepts and skills. Our programs are highly successful and are enjoyable for students, teachers and parents. Contact us today to learn more about our business training program.