PowerPlay uses real-world learning experiences to help youth develop entrepreneurial thinking, practical money management skills and a drive to make a difference.



 Young entrepreneur unveils his innovative backscratcher product

PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs

Grades 4 - 8

Students have fun gaining real-life career experience as they explore the world of business. They set and achieve goals, build confidence and develop practical life skills.

All respondents to our 2016/2017 parent-teacher survey agreed that our learning model is highly engaging for young people. They also gave PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs high marks for skill development in the following areas:

 PowerPlay students use critical thinking skills to create success

Critical Thinking

 PowerPlay students step out of their comfort zones and build confidence


 Our students actively build their communication skills 


 Inspires students to think outside the box and use their creative thinking skills

Creative Thinking

Who We Serve

 Supporting educators with highly engaging standards-based resources for the classroom


Capture the imaginations of your students with our hands-on curriculum-based program.

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 We offer practical resources to help parents teach their kids to earn and manage money


Guide your children with their homework as they develop their own business ventures.

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 PowerPlay Strategies works with community-focused organizations that are committed to education and youth


Use your experience and resources to make a meaningful difference in the lives of youth.

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“PowerPlay knocked my socks off. It was very well structured, well designed and very “kid friendly”. It fit in perfectly with the curriculum and got kids excited. And it was a very real life experience for them.”
— Sam Hauck, Teacher at Kwayhquitlum Middle School

"Globalization and emerging technologies are transforming how we live and work. Meaningful opportunities to start real business ventures empower young people with the entrepreneurial mindset, practical life skills and confidence needed to flourish in this new global paradigm."

Bill Roche - Program Creator

 Bill Roche specializes in creating highly engaging resources to teach young people about money management, entrepreneurship and social responsibility